Obstacle Course Jaco Rope

Obstacle Course Jaco Rope

Ropes Course Obstacles at the Adventure Park at Jaco Beach, how difficult it is? is it really up to the participant, the best safety equipment is used, just Climb up the  sturdy ladder and prepare your self for the adventures ahead.

Obstacle Course

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Jaco rope spositive
Jaco rope
Jaco rope stire good Jaco rope spositive Jaco rope



Obstacle Course Jaco Rope

Is easy to start so you can build the confidence of the main challenges of the future. The best part, besides being in the shade of the trees is the obstacle of difficulty is really the participant.

If you want to walk on the wild side, then do your best to shine through the course with the participation of all safety cables. For those seeking a quieter experience, we provide security cables so that you can hold and if you fall, do not worry because there is a security cable for that too.

At any time during the Obstacle course Rope at the adventure park you feel you need to help one of our experienced staff will be happy to help if someone gets hurt or does not want to continue , then we can diminish the fact the ground safely . Everyone relies on the best safety equipment provided by the industry leader , Petzl .

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