Beach Kayaking Tour

Beach Kayaking Tour

When the Conditions appropriate, can dive in Las Aguas emerald color, Flat Rock Reef Lemoncito Cove. Blowfish, starfish and sea cucumbers their adj just some of the animals can Marinos That Arise This natural aquatic zoo. During the time of rains when it’s not very Visibility the large, will Tend to the go an Opportunity A Close excursion waterfall where scarlet macaws and monkeys like to hang out! ANY way, is beautiful and fun!


Kayaking Jaco Beach
Kayak Jaco
Kayaking Jaco Beach Kayak Jaco


Beach Kayaking Tour

Paddling along the beaches of Playa Agujas, just 20 minutes from Jaco Beach! March Kayak allowed entering the recesses Costa Rica Costa like nothing else! We have choices very Llenas of fun: Sea kayak snorkel there, canoe, kayak fishing gold.

Get ready for fun! Hop in a new model of a sea kayak with lightweight rose from His bamboo worm dirty Costa Rica from a different perspective spectacularly.

Includes: Guides, Transported whole team bottled water, Fresh Fruit buffet showers, changing rooms and refreshment after the Cold
What to bring: hat, sunscreen of postal, water shoes, swimsuit, change of linen and towel A solar paragraph


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